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North American Steel Company - Distributor of Specialty Maintenance Materials

North American Steel is a full line service center that offers a wide range of metals. The company maintains a J.I.T. inventory of high strength specialty alloys, elevated property stainless steels, abrasion resistant wear products, roll threaded rod, chrome plated shafts, and tool & die steels. Additionally, we carry one of the largest selections of metric sized metals in North America.

For more than 60 years, North American Steel has been providing specialty maintenance materials to heavy industry. Our products are engineered to extend service life, limit downtime and provide optimal performance for our customers' applications. The utilization of clean steel technology and other manufacturing processes ensure consistent and superior quality, which allows our steels to be "user-friendly" and respond well for ease of fabrication.


North American Steel Linecard



• Automotive
• Mining and Quarry
• Pulp and Paper
• Food Processing
• Bulk Material Handling
• Power Generation
• Steel and Iron
• Petrochemical
• Wastewater Treatment
• Railway
• Agricultural
• Oil and Gas Drilling


Sheffield™ #20 TGP - Heat Treated, Turned Ground and Polished Alloy Shafting
NASS45® PSQ - High Strength, Non-Galling, Pump Shaft Stainless Steel
Sheffield™ MDSS - Corrosion Resistant, Duplex Stainless Shafting & Plate
Redi-Rail® - Custom Hardened, Close Tolerance, Precision "Wear Rail"
Sheffield™ 45XL - Abrasion Resistant, Thru-Hardened 400BHN Wear Plate
Redi-Die™ - High Impact, High Strength, Mold Steel
Sheffield™ Stud Stock - High Strength, Heat Treated Alloy, Roll Threaded Bar

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