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Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale

The following terms are applicable unless expressly modified on the front of a signed quotation.

Acceptance: Seller's proposal is an offer to sell. It is not an acceptance of any offer to buy. Seller objects to any other terms and conditions proposed by Buyer that are different than the terms and conditions here stated. All quotations are based on a "subject to prior sale" basis. All sales are F.O.B. Shipping Point, Freight Collect. Seller's payment terms are net 30 days. Issuance of a purchase order shall be deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Our sales representatives and/or agents are pleased to discuss your requirements. We encourage you to take advantage of our substantial experience in heavy industry. Please call for technical assistance. Please note that any information given by our representatives and/or agents is given free of charge. The information is of a general informative nature, and we do not suggest or imply any warranty for products or processes that are utilized as a result of information given in this fashion. Our products are purchased to proprietary customized specifications as well as normal industry standards. All properties listed are typical or approximate values, are subject to modification, are for information purposes only, and are not to be relied upon for engineering purposes. When more detailed data is required, please request additional information from our technical services department. We reserve the right to decline quotation at our discretion without prejudice.

LIMITS OF LIABILITY: North American Steel Company is governed by the limits of liability standard to the industry. Liability is limited to the cost of materials purchased or the replacement of those materials at Seller's option. Incidental or consequential damages will not be awarded.

ACCEPTANCE OF ORDERS / CONFIRMATIONS: We accept verbal, facsimile and email orders. In all cases, those orders are to be marked confirming by the Buyer. Verbal orders are accepted at the Buyer's risk. If shipment of order is made before written confirmation is received, then such orders must be considered accurate as recorded by our company. Verbal, facsimile and email orders are considered by our company to be source documents.

RETURNS: Return of any goods requires prior written authorization from our quality assurance department.

CANCELLATIONS: Any and all special orders, fabricated parts, custom cut-to-length orders, and/or orders that we offer to courtesy cut (i.e. – cut mill length in half) are considered to be processed and are therefore "non-cancelable" and may not be returned.

SHIPMENT / DELIVERY: All "ship" dates are quoted as approximate. Seller shall not be liable for any delay in delivery or failure to deliver caused for any reason in whole or in part beyond our reasonable control including, but not limited to, production schedules of the producing mill, unavailability of materials, labor disturbances, acts of nature, and/or transporting difficulties.

Boxing is strongly recommended on materials with finished surfaces, such as Cold Drawn, Threaded, or Turned Ground and Polished. Special packaging will be quoted as a separate line item unless specifically stated otherwise.


Seller warrants goods furnished to be free from defect under normal conditions and use for a period of 6 months from date of shipment.

This website represents "sales literature only," and is not to be used for engineering purposes. This website is subject to change without notice. All properties shown are Typical Properties. All tips and manufacturing guidelines are not to be considered as substitutes for the use of Certified Technicians experienced in the welding, fabrication, and machining of any subject class of materials and adherence to ASTM, ASM, AWS, generally appropriate material and safety guidelines. Proper precautions and use of safety gear is required when working with steels and other maintenance materials.

North American Steel Company is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standards.

In addition to company checks for customers with open terms, North American Steel Company does accept the following forms of payment: American Express®, VISA®, MasterCard®, and DISCOVER®. Contact our accounting office for all questions regarding setting up an account.

This information supersedes any and all previous product information, and is subject to change without notice.

Associated Steel Corporation is the sole licensed agent for all tradename products that were formerly sold by North American Steel Company. For all inquiries and order placements, please contact Associated Steel Corp.

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